Match Announcement - Southern Stampede #3

Match Announcement - Southern Stampede #3

Match announcement number 3 will see Jay Marshal vs James Shaw.

Shaw, the leader of the Church of the divine light, has held just about every championship in New Zealand, except the Aftershock Championship. But now thanks to General Manager Rusty Blade he has been granted the chance to compete for the vaunted Aftershock title.

Marshal has been a typical superhero, defending the title all over NZ and despite having his shoulder dislocated at LIVIN' THE DREAM by Corey Cutter has assured us his superhuman healing abilities will ensure that he is able to successfully defend the title and walk out of SOUHTERN STAMPEDE 2 with the championship.

Will Marshal be able to retain the Aftershock title or will the divine light shine on Shaw and deliver to him that which he covets most?

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