Match announcement - Southern Stampede #4

Match announcement - Southern Stampede #4

This is the announcement you've all been waiting for; Hu$tla vs John Henry for the UNIFIED light heavyweight championship in a tables match.


When Henry defeated Hu$tla (among others) for the championship at RISE TO THE TOP, he stunned the universe when he captured his first title and since then has done everything he can to hold onto it, including hiring Slade Mercer to fight his battles for him and to make sure that Hu$tla was incapacitated.


Since then Hu$tla has been training on the mean streets of Diamond Harbour in preparation for this title match. Hu$tla knows he is in for the fight of his life and the former UNIFIED Light heavy weight champion knows what it will take to dethrone the superior one.


The only question remaining is what dastardly tricks does the champion have up his sleeve and will Hu$tla have a counter for it?

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