Match announcement - Southern Stampede #1

Match announcement - Southern Stampede #1

After the brutal tag match that featured Bogan Jesus and Rhys Gibson vs Damian Knight and Ray Gunn at Unified's last sell out show Livin' the Dream,  Ray took exception to the disrespect shown to him by fan favourite Rhys.

He has let Unified general manager Rusty Blade know that he wanted redemption after Gibson took the fight to Gunn in the crowd, left him in a heap under a barricade and stood atop the heap and celebrated.

Not wanting to disappoint Mr Blade has granted this request and it will take place on the 21st of August at the Kaiapoi Club & MSA.

Will Ray Gunn be able to claim redemption or will the young fan favourite be able to keep his form going and secure another victory?

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  • David

    I hope Ray and Damian are still a team? loved the last show looking forward to seeing how these two go in the near future, Ray deserves to dish out some revenge on Gibson so kick his ass Rey looking forward to it

  • James Wood

    I reckon Ray Gunn is going to obliterate Rhys after what he did to him. Look out Gibson your time is coming to an end

  • Jenny

    Yes!! Kick his butt Rhys!

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