From The Desk of The UNIFIED General Manager – Rusty Blade

From The Desk of The UNIFIED General Manager – Rusty Blade

Well, it is official. I am AMAZING. Now, to be fair, I have known that for a long time, but it was heart warming to hear three young fans at Livin’ The Dream tell the capacity crowd that, “Rusty Blade is amazing.” I was so delighted to hear them say it, that I even gave one of them a family pass to our upcoming Southern Stampede 2 show. Kids are a bit like pets, you gotta love them, but I sure don’t want them messing up any of my rental properties!


Now, there was a lot to love at Livin’ The Dream. That fine example of Aussie sportsmanship and valour, Robbo “The Aussie Dreamboat,” defeated Kawa Kupa to become UNIFIED Heavyweight champion … a moment (and it only took Robbo a moment to do it) that pleased me so much, I went back to my hotel room and downed a couple of cans of VB to celebrate. My good friends Bryant and DisGrace Lightning made short work of Elliot Samuels and Shay, “The Superior One” John Henry retained his Light Heavyweight title with ease, and “The Mercenary” Slade Mercer did exactly as I expected when he humbled Hu$tla.


Livin' The Dream was obviously a great show but, rest assured, I intend to deliver an even bigger spectacle at our next event – Southern Stampede 2 on August 21st. I will be back at the Kaiapoi Club to bring you another action-packed professional wrestling extravaganza, and some more of my trademark humility and good humour as well. Now, I need to crack the proverbial whip, and make sure my UNIFIED minions are pushing on with preparations for the Stampede.

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