Down for the count

Down for the count

Shoulders are down.....1.....2..... wait... sorry, hold on guys be right back, some fans have arrived.


Oh hey unified fans, Senior Referee John Reginald here, as you can see a refs job never ends, now....Unified's last show Livin' The Dream was a sold out show of more than 300 in attendance! The crowd was so vocal my ears have only just recovered and the matches were full of non stop hard hitting action!



My favorite match of the night was the Unified Heavyweight Championship match. It was an intense battle between Champion Kawa Kupa, Human Hate Machine T Rex and K9, a man who has traveled abroad and has come home to NZ with fierce take names wrestling style.



T Rex and K9 gave it their all in pursuit of the Championship but Kawa fought harder and came out with the victory....or so myself and the Unified fans thought.



To my absolute horror Robbo the Aussie Dreamboat steamed in demanding that an exhausted Kawa put his Championship back on the line. I was shocked when Unified's General Manager Rusty Blade sanctioned the match and I was made to ring the bell.
I had hope for Kawa but within a few seconds Robbo had claimed the victory.




As the Senior Referee (and not a big fan of the Aussie dreamboat) I'm eager to learn who will be stepping up at the next show to try and bring the gold home to New Zealand!


Next up we have Unified's biggest show of the year the Southern Stampede. Now don't tell Rusty Blade but I may have snuck onto his computer while he was out of the office evicting someone from one of his rental properties. I managed to infiltrate the Unified Facebook page where I set up a poll asking you guys if you would like a meet and greet with the wrestlers before the show. 100% of you said yes! I'm glad to inform you all that at Southern Stampede 2, Unified will be hosting a FREE meet and greet with some of the stars! I spoke to one of Rusty's assistants, who told me that they are still in the process of planing things but details will be posted on the Unified Facebook page.


Well folks I better get back to the ring. It has been great chatting I will see you all at Southern Stampede 2!


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