Livin' the Dream!

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Livin' the Dream!

Last night something pretty awesome happened, well actually a lot of awesome things did.

Firstly we SOLD OUT and then even after we announced we sold out on our channels, more wrestling fans turned up. It was literally standing room only but they wanted to be part of the action - how could we say no?!

Secondly the crowd! Wow! The energy, the cheers, the “you suck” chants everything. It was something we will never forget.

Thirdly the matches! More, much more to come on these over the coming days. All of our wrestlers, our ref, our amazing General Manager Rusty Blade, our sound team, our floor crew, our film crew Elden Media, the staff on the bar at our venue the Kaiapoi Club. What a team!

Thank you to each and everyone one of you for supporting Livin’ the Dream. Remember to send us your coloured masks for a chance to win a free family pass. Remember to tag us in photos and videos!

We also announced our next show, Southern Stampede 2 on 21st August. Tickets are live and available for purchase now.


  • Randy

    Wow what a show! Unified is the best! I had so much fun. The matches were so good. Can’t wait to come back for the next one.

  • Shaun

    This was the beat show I’ve ever been at

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