Livin' the Dream results

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Livin' the Dream results

A new UNIFIED Heavyweight champion was crowned at Livin' The Dream on Saturday and, to the horror of the capacity crowd at the Kaiapoi Club, it was Robbo "The Aussie Dreamboat".  The loud-mouthed Australian stomped to the ring to challenge Kawa Kupa just moments after the young champion had successfully defended the title against Human Hate Machine T Rex and K9.  A clearly exhausted Kupa was goaded into accepting the impromptu challenge by The Aussie Dreamboat and then, when his back was turned, was felled by a low blow and then crushed under a Robbo body splash for the three count.

It was a tragic end to what should have been Kupa's night. The popular youngster had been magnificent in the preceding Triple Threat. The Human Hate Machine had Kupa and K9 on the backfoot early in the match, hammering both men with terrifying displays of raw power, and the "King of the Sinners" rocked the champion with some high speed, high impact offense of his own. Kupa survived everything that the two Southlanders threw at him, before rebounding to make the massive T Rex pass out in a Vibe Clutch.

UNIFIED Tag Team champions The Mega Powers, Will Power and Cool Guy Sky, made a triumphant return to Christchurch at Livin' The Dream.  The charismatic duo bested In The Zone, [REDACTED]'s Lance Havoc and Bryant, and the Circus of Tragedy to retain the titles.  Dan Crick and TJ Illes were the last team eliminated in the, at times, chaotic Four Way match, and impressed the champions so much that Power and Sky offered them a head to head rematch in August. Aftershock champion Jay Marshal and Light Heavyweight champion John Henry were also victorious on Saturday.  Marshal sustained a nasty shoulder injury during his bout with Corey Cutter but fought on to earn a win via submission while Henry cheated his way to a pinfall win over one of Wellington's masked Hazzard brothers.

Henry's paid "Mercenary" Slade Mercer fulfilled his contractual obligations by beating Hu$tla, but the former Light Heavyweight champion still managed to negotiate an opportunity to reclaim the belt at August's Southern Stampede.  In other results, K9 secured his place in the Triple Threat for the UNIFIED Heavyweight title by defeating the returning Marc Morales in a Qualifier match. Damian Knight and Ray Gunn battled Bogan Jesus and Rhys Gibson to a double count out. Gibson had earlier picked up a win over what appeared to be two Stuart The Druids. Grace Lightning and mystery partner Bryant beat Elliot Samuels and his mystery partner Shay.

The UNIFIED roster opened the show with a Ten Bell salute to long time fan Yvonne Eagle who passed away in April.


UNIFIED returns to the Kaiapoi Club on August 21 for the Southern Stampede 2. Tickets are available now!

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  • Trina Edwards

    We had the best time ever at the wrestling the mega powers are cool I cant wait to go again

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