Kingston Eclipse may well be the unluckiest man in professional wrestling today. On the face of it, the reigning UCW Heavyweight Champion should have been on top of the world after winning the title at UCW Bad Company in July. However, his moment of glory was snatched away from him when the brand new championship belt flew out of town in James Shaw’s hand luggage before it could be presented to the new champion. Belt or no belt, Kingston Eclipse remains the legitimate holder of the title but his luck isn’t getting any better as we head towards UCW Anarchy Rules this Saturday.

The new champion has a big problem this weekend. In fact, in terms of NZ wrestling he couldn’t have a problem any bigger than this one. Eclipse’s problem is that his first challenger for the UCW title is the largest and strongest professional wrestler in the country – Reuben De Jong. De Jong, aptly dubbed The Man Mountain, is a seven foot and 140 kg lethal weapon of mass destruction. He is a two-time former NZ Heavyweight Champion and a two-time winner of the NZ’s strongest man competition. He’s also a Guinness World Record holder, an accomplished MMA and Kickboxing competitor and spent six months in the WWE Training Academy in Florida. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it is also worth pointing out that he has just concluded a brutal feud with The Dapper Agents, Vinny Dunn and Kingi, over the course of which he defeated both of them in single competition and together in a two-on-one match. Make no mistake, I have a good deal of respect for Kingston Eclipse – but it is clear that his UCW Heavyweight Championship reign is cursed.

I predicted that he would beat Shane Sinclair to win the title but since then events have taken a serious turn for the worse. “The Predator” claims to be the bravest of the brave, and he has stacked up plenty of championship achievements on both sides of the Tasman over the last couple of years, but when David meets Goliath in the real world it never ends well for the little guy. Eclipse’s best hope at UCW Anarchy Rules will be to abandon the belt he never wore and put his parkour skills to use by scrambling out of the ring, over the barrier, through the fans, up the walls and out of the nearest window as fast as he can when that bell rings.

After all nobody can beat a Mountain – but anybody can outrun one ! For Ultimate Championship Wrestling, I’m Rusty Blade … and I’ll see you at UCW Anarchy Rules !

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